unpopular opinions only


I’m Alex.

20-something 30-something years old software developer from Romania father of a lovely 5 yro and probably one of the most introvert yet offensive persons you’ll stumble upon.

I’ve been working as a software engineer for the past 8+ years and, in one way or the other, I managed to ship code for products owned by companies such as:

I’m currently working at AscentCore a Cluj-based outsourcing company while also consulting on a daily basis for 2 other companies.

Focused only on python based technologies (with a special emphasis on Django) alongside entire web application life cycle I have a lot of adversity when it comes to most front end technologies.

If you think there might be a mutually beneficial endeavor of which I should know more about, there’s a contact page which can be used to get my attention.

Occasionally I offer my services free of charge for non profit causes with which I can relate; before reaching out to me about projects it might be worth considering whether or not they are aligned with my social and/or political views, which are considered by some to be quite conservative.